The abundance of living vegan

A lot of people who choose to live vegan are “foodies” – they live, cook, eat, and dream food. There’s a big vegan world out there and some of us are out to eat it up!

Still, one of the biggest questions on the minds of those new to the idea of living vegan is, “What will I eat?!” After all, even if you’re not a “foodie” who lives to eat, we all have to eat to live. Let’s put those fears to rest. Your food choices are about to be blown wide open. You’ll find foods you didn’t know existed, like best plant based meats, flavors that will rock your world, and textures that will make you swoon.

Vegan food is all around you with new products and menu items popping up all the time. Explore All About Food! for tips on “Making the Switch” with product suggestions, tips for dining out, and thousands upon thousands of recipes and food ideas. You could try a different vegan recipe every single meal of every single day and never experience all the possibilities. Eat up!

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