Spring and Summer Trends

Staying fashionable is utterly important and this can only be done by following the fashion trends each season. The designer collections this year show loose-fitting and draping clothes and styles which are not only fashionable but come with an added element of comfort as well.

Sun Dresses

Sun dresses are in this season. The best part is that these are comfortable to wear and still make you look chic and trendy. You can easily dress for a night in town in a sun dress coupled with wedged heels and light jewelry. In the afternoons, you can wear it with flat and comfortable sandals. Also, while purchasing a sun dress, keep in mind the 50’s inspired look. You may also accompany your dress with ballet flats and a nice trendy handbag.

Smocks and Maxi Dresses

When looking for summer trends, you will definitely come across simple smock tops. These are comfortable and can be worn with or without pants or jeans depending on the length. Maxi dresses are also certainly in this season. These dresses typically flow about the ankles and are comfortable to wear. Also, if you do not want to show too much skin, you can use them as an alternate to pants. While discussing fashion trends for spring and summer, one should not forget the bright floral designs for blouses and skirts popular among fashion conscious females.


If you like wearing pants and trousers, the good news is pants are very much in vogue and are one of the most followed summer trends. While looking for trousers and pants for your wardrobe, purchase anything in the form of leggings, cigarette pants or baggy trousers. If you do not like wearing skin tight pants, flowing pants or parachute pants are worn by women of all age groups this summer. Also, instead of wearing your skinny jeans, replace them with wide trousers.

Therefore, when purchasing clothing for your wardrobe, search online for wholesale boutique clothing for better prices and keep in mind the summer trends this year. Also, do not forget to purchase colors such as beiges, peaches and whites and contrast them with bright colored accessories.

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