Solar Panel Installation Basics

For any homeowner planning some home solar panels, the basic questions you are going to ask yourself are: how much energy do I intend to generate; how much space is available and how much sun light do I get?

Amount: The answer to how much power you need to generate will greatly depend on your monthly power consumption. You need to decide the amount of the bill you may want to offset through solar energy. Whether you want to offset 50% or 100%, the decision is yours and this will help you move to the next question.

Space: In most cases, the question regarding the amount of space you have available for solar panel installation will depend on the amount of space available on the roof of the house; for those who have their own homes, you may want to consider a ground mount system or perhaps develop a custom structure somewhere within your property. What qualify any roof as fit for a solar panel are factors such as the age of the roof, shade and orientation. Most solar panel installers will not consider roofs that are more than 10 years old; if this is the case you may want to consider reinstalling your roof. You need to make sure there is no shade that will block the sun light and finally the orientation of the roof in relation to the sun; the ideal roof faces directly south 180 degrees but you may also do well with up 250 degrees west or 110 degrees east.

Location: Where your house is located on the planet will make a huge difference in terms of solar energy generation. Statistically, areas that get more sunlight are more ideal for solar panel installation as opposed to those that are cloudier throughout the year. While this does not mean that solar will not work in cloudy areas, the only challenge is that you will not receive as much solar energy as you may require. For more information on Solar energy read this Solar future article.

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