Selecting the right electrician for the job

Sometimes electricians don’t handle all jobs – or don’t need the work – and it is often a real time waster tracking down the right one who is available. Some are only involved in construction or commercial work; others are only are into doing minor jobs and emergency repairs.

Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions about how the job will be done, how long it will take and when they can do it. A professional and experienced electrician technician should be able to provide a fairly accurate timeline and cost estimate (it’s a good idea to ask for it in writing). Then it’s simply up to you to decide whether to give them the work.

Then, for your own peace of mind, when arranging for the electrician to make their first visit to the job, ask them to bring their state license as well as proof of insurance. Make a note of it and, if you want, call your local Fair Trading department or visit the web site to check that is still current.

How much do Electrician Cost?

Rates very from state to state, but the average rate for an electrician is around $65 per hour (it varies between $30 to $150 per hour).

Typical electrical jobs include wiring of new lights, air conditioning or safety switches through to complete rewiring jobs. A new power point can cost as little as $200, installing a off-peak hot water meter is around $500 while complicated rewiring can run into thousands of dollars. When you get quotes you should expect basic materials like wiring and switches as well as the labor of an electrician or their apprentice included. Usually more expensive fixtures such as lights and safety switches are priced separately.

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