Prescription Glasses Care

Use the right fabric to wipe your glasses. The lenses are the most essential component of a pair of glasses, and having these free from scratches must be a top concern among those who use eyeglasses. Many individuals make the mistake of cleaning their lenses and varifocals with anything: the corner of a sleeve, a bath towel, facial wipes, wool cloth and even paper towels.

Some of these items may look gentle and absorbent enough for the function, but all the stated materials (especially paper towels) can leave unpleasant scratches on lenses. The best material to wipe lenses with is a microfiber fabric – such as Anti Fog Wipes for example. This can properly remove grime and dirt without affecting the state of the lens. Certainly, it also pays to take care of the cloth you use to wipe your eyeglasses – keep in mind that any dirt built up on the cloth will be transported to the lenses.

Use only gentle cleaners to soften and wash away dirt. Besides using anything to wipe eyeglasses, many eyeglass-users also commit the mistake of using strong substances to clean lenses. Household cleaners may be sufficiently strong to remove dirt and grime successfully, however they may be so strong that they eliminate special coatings on the lenses too.

You can utilize mild soap and water to get rid of stubborn dirt, but the best substances to wash glasses with are the specially formulated eyeglasses cleaners provided by opticians.

Keep your glasses the proper way. Individuals who just use eyeglasses for reading tend to place their glasses anywhere they want – lenses down on the area, on cold or hot areas or out of the case – so that it’s much easier for them to put the eyeglasses on when they need to. This practice can seriously damage not only the lenses, but also the frames.

Some eyeglass brands, such as prescription glasses, are certainly made to stand up to harsh circumstances, but improper storage can lead to breakage of the frames and more scratches on the surface.

Extreme heat and cold can compromise the strength of the components utilized to build frames while storing out of pouches can lead to scratches. The right way to store glasses when not in use is by using a hard-cover casing and placing it out of areas with extreme conditions.

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