How To Regrout Kitchen Or Bathroom Tiles

Did you know that regrouting can enhance the appearance of your old tile? Well, this can be done easily without even spending a lot of money. Often times old ceramic tiles in the kitchen, whether on the countertop or wall, will appear to be in an excellent condition yet the grout will make it look bad. As an alternative to updating those tiles, it is best to think about tile regrouting if you want to significantly improve the look of this room.

However, before applying new grout it is best to get rid of the existing one from the surface. You can do this by removing the top coating, thoroughly clean the spot and after that apply the fresh grout.

It is pretty easy to apply fresh grout, but eliminating the existing one can be pretty demanding, but still not beyond your skill level. Basically, the technique is not to ruin the tile during the process of getting rid of the existing grout, so hiring professionals for tile regrouting is advisable.

You can find a number of tools to use ranging from the basic to really expensive ones. In my opinion, the basic tools will probably be the safest and fastest method if you are very careful. To perform basic technique, you can use a simple can opener with a sharp tip. An additional option is to use a grout saw.

Tips to remove grout

The process for removing grout is extremely easy, but can get messy. Prior to getting started, remove all the items that you do not want to be filled with grit and also tape plastic across the doorway in order to separate this space from the rest of your house. Ensure that you are wearing a dust mask during the process and also get protection for your eye.

After completely removing the existing grout, you should cleanup all the debris. Next, you can use a phosphoric acid solution to rinse off the tiles, but ensure that you are wearing rubber gloves.

How to apply new grout

By using a grout which is latex-modified this will increase the bond strength and allow movement and also help to stop water penetration. You can use a grout float or rubber faced trowel to effectively spread grout in all areas. When you are applying grout on the tile surface, this should be worked evenly in the joints. You should work on areas no bigger than several square feet in order to prevent the grout from getting hard before you can remove the excess.

You can make use of rubber trowel when you want to remove excessive grout and afterwards use a moist sponge to get rid of any residue. Try not to wipe too much or else you might end up removing the grout out of the joints. The sponge can be kept clean by constantly rinsing in some cold water.

Adhere to the instructions on the label for the time allotted to allow the grout to set properly and also the best time to apply the sealant. All in all, once you are careful when regrouting ceramic tiles you will not scratch the surface. Therefore it is best to go slowly, wear protective gears and get your kitchen to look brand new.

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