Why Take Private Ski Lessons?

Whatever your level – beginner to expert – private ski lessons at ski clubs have big advantages.

And private ski lessons have benefits over group lessons:

  • Personal choice
  • Control
  • Flexibility
  • Continuity
  • Generally more experienced ski instructors

Personal Choice

You can usually request what kind of instructor you want — male, female, older, younger.

You can even request a specific instructor — one who’s been recommended or one you’ve had before.

And, you can explain your needs so you get an instructor who best fits you or your group.


You get to decide when you want the lesson. And you have control during it. If you are not happy with how the lesson is going, you can talk to the instructor — one-to-one.

If you need a break, you can take one. Want more or less challenge — you can say so. Don’t understand something, you can ask, as much as you want.


With private ski lessons, you control the time you have the lesson. This means it fits in with your day.

You can decide how much time you need with an instructor — 1 hour, 2, 6? Up to you.

You decide whether you want a lesson or simply a guide. You can chose where to ski or ask your instructor for recommendations.


If you find an instructor that you like, you can have them again. Or you can ask for a different instructor if you were not happy with your lesson.

And most instructors are happy for you to contact them after the lesson if you have any questions!

More Experienced Instructors

Resorts often assign private lessons to more experienced instructors. This makes sense. You pay more for private lessons, so you should get the best available.


Ah, the cost. But get this, private ski lessons can actually be an economical way to learn to ski or improve.

The whole lesson is focused on you. You can ask questions quickly and easily. You’re not wasting time waiting for other students. Or spending the lesson keeping up or learning very little.


Many resorts offer discounted private lessons at certain time slots, such as first thing in the morning, or late in the day. Choose one of these if you want personal instruction, but need to keep the price down.

Plus, some resorts price private lessons for a group of up to 5 or you could join the ski club, such as the club de esqui en Baqueira Beret. So, if it’s just you, the lesson is a pricey one. But if it’s you and your spouse or a couple of friends, it can be a great value. The more, the merrier and cheaper.

What to Expect

You’ve booked a private lesson, what’s next? Find out from the ski school desk where you meet for private lessons. Head out and and your instructor will be waiting for you. They should ask questions like:

  • What you want out of the lesson
  • Where you normally ski
  • What you want to improve
  • What kind of lesson you would like

If at any point you’re not happy, say something to your instructor. At the end of the lesson you’ll get a summary. The instructor will remind you of the points you have covered. And they will give you things to work on after the ski instruction is over.

So, book a private lesson, you won’t be disappointed!

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The Stunning Island of Mallorca

Although most of the Mediterranean closes down for the winter Mallorca (or Majorca) is the upmarket exception. The island has a beautiful coastline with over 50 stunning coves and natural inland beauty. The beaches in Mallorca range from secluded coves to the hugely popular beaches which make Mallorca the destination for all ages of holiday makers. When you arrive at Palma Airport you are only a short drive east to Playa de Palma, a 6km stretch of beach through the Can Patilla and El Arenal areas. If you don’t have a ride, you can always rent a car from car rental Mallorca airport companies.

The capital of Palma is an ideal base for you to see Mallorca from and from here you can drive along the windswept coastline to other stunning locations. You can choose from Soller in the north, the resorts of Magaluf and Palma Nova in the west, and Can Pastilla in the east. Or you can base yourself in Cala Millor or Cala Bona. Can Picafort and Alcudia in the north east are also very popular, with Puerto Pollenca in the far north being the place for cyclists, walkers and birdwatchers.

In Palma, you can visit the wonderful Gothic Catherdal, Sa Seu, which is stunning when viewed at night with the floodlights showing it at it’s majestic best. Don’t miss the Almudaina Palace which is even more stunning when viewed from the waterfront.

Why not visit the Bellver Castle which has a circular design which makes this 14th century castle unique? This original royal fortress offers panoramic views across the Bay of Palma.

Mallorca is a mountainous island with the highest peak being Puig Major at 1445 meters above sea level. Drive north west from Pollenca to Andratx for some surprising views. Sa Calobra has a tunnel going through the cliffs which is well worth a stop or try the limestone ravine at Torrente de Pareis.

Wander around the charming village of Deia which is very popular with artists, due to the magnificent views. The weather is often mild enough for walks in the Tramuntana Mountains. Another popular attraction is the monastery at Lluc.

One of the top attractions in Mallorca are the spectacular caves which can be found along the coastline. The most spectacular are the Caves of Drach (Coves del Drach) at Portacristo with four chambers full of stalactites, illuminated by special lighting. You can relax at one of the underground lakes and listen to the concert which takes place or enjoy a gondolier boat ride. Other spectacular caves are the Caves of Hams and the Caves of Arta.

The south west coast is great for all holiday makers and families but is definitely the place to go for those ages 18 to 30 years. Here you will find attractions for all the fun and night life you can handle.

Mallorca offers a selection of water parks ranging from the largest at Aqualand in L’Arenal. Just take exit 13 off the motorway from Palma to Santanyi to find the park or why not try Hidropark in Alcudia (Avenida Tucan ) which is next to a 54 hole mini-golf course?

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Mallorca Beaches Guide

Mallorca, the beautiful island is one the most popular holiday destinations. Mallorca offers lot of attractions to their visitors like excellent beaches, water sports, and festivals.

Formentor Beach:

It is one of the popular beaches in the city of Mallorca with every facility like traditional bars, showers and sun beds, and a great surfing school. The sea water of this windy beach is clear and great for taking a swim.

Pollença Beach:

Pollença Beach gets very crowded in the tourist season and at the weekends. If you decide to plan a beach holiday then Pollença Beach is most definitely place for you for lots of reasons location, privacy, cleanliness, type of activities etc. It is sandy and about one kilometer long.

Alcúdia Beach:

Alcúdia Beach is located on the northern side of the island. It is three kilometer in length. This beach is very safe for children, elders and disabled people. There are also excellent play areas for the kids and beach markers.

Cala Agulla Beach:

Cala Agulla beach is the popular beaches of the city with every facility like snack bars, restaurant, accommodation, camping, showers, telephones, beach cleaning, and Red Cross point.

Sa Coma Beach:

It has become one of the most popular beaches on the East coast. It is one of the highly maintained and well equipped beaches. It is very safe for children. It is also blue flagged beach of city.

Palma de Mallorca airport is located in the eastern part of Palma de Mallorca.

This is the third largest airport in Spain and around 20 million passengers use the airport annually. Mallorca terminal has a one terminal for passengers.

With car rental Palma de Mallorca airport service it is very easy to explore the inside and outside of this beautiful city. A fleet of cars for rent is available at the airport.

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Fun helicopter rides

There is usually a surcharge for persons whose weight exceeds the 250 lb. limit. This is for the safety of the passengers and the crew, since helicopters are particularly sensitive to weight allowance and distribution.

If you really want to make the experience extra special, you can read this advice for great helicopter tour, or you can even make a request for exclusive Adventure helicopter rides. All you will have to pay for is the standard rates on four seats and the helicopter is yours to use exclusively.

Booking and payment options

Adventure helicopter rides also makes it easy for you to pay for your trip, with a good selection of payment options. All major credit cards are accepted by helicopter rides, and each and every transaction is ensured the highest security measures using the most advanced encryption technology employed by major banks and credit card companies around the world.

A trip for all reasons

Aside from checking out the sites, there are actually many other reasons to take Adventure helicopter rides. These trips are also perfect for:

  • photography tours
  • landscape assessment
  • surveying
  • video productions

And with Adventure helicopter rides taking care of all the details, you are free to enjoy an air experience that will no doubt stay with you for the rest of your life.

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Private Helicopter Charter Service

A private helicopter charter service offers a high degree of flexibility and security. It is one of the most amazing modes of traveling. With this service, you can always touch down at the exact point that you want. All what you need is a helicopter landing pad or an open field.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be a multimillionaire in order to cope with helicopter charter prices. Many people and professionals have engaged private helicopter charters in different activities like aerial photography, stunt coordination in movies and filming. You can also use it for leisure and more specifically aerial touring. There are a lot of places you can see as you can see from this best places for helicopter rides article. A helicopter charter service allows you to travel to remote areas while enjoying breathtaking scenes and beautiful landscapes.

Maxi Cab Services Singapore

The Singapore Maxi Cab taxi services have been praised by the visitors for timely pick and drop, quality of cabs, cleanliness, polite behavior of the driver, the privacy of information, safe and hassle-free travel and discount offers. Every now and then some additions are introduced so as to keep the functioning up to date and in accordance with the expectations and needs of the clients.

In order to make this travel experience comfortable, there are several aspects that must be taken into consideration.

Here are the factors that should never be ignored:

Make sure that the time of cab arrival that showed before making the booking remains same even after the booking is done. This is an important factor to consider, consider it can get problematic and will also cause trouble in planning your daily routine.

Before boarding any Maxi Cab, do confirm the details such as driver name and contact information, cab number and time of booking. All these details must be noted and shared with a known person so as to remain at a safer side in case of any emergencies.

While Maxi Cab taxi booking, it is generally demanded that a drop location is to be entered. Make sure that the location is correct because it can happen that the driver is completely unaware of your drop location. In such cases, maps will help the driver to reach the right destination in a time-bound manner.

Select the payment medium well-in-advance. You can either go for cash or cashless transactions as per your convenience. If you have any kind of complaints or suggestions regarding the overall travel experience, do share the same as it will work as a guiding principle and will allow Singapore Maxi Cab taxi service providers to come up with flawless services.

Consider This When it Comes to Taxi Cabs in Singapore

While taxi is a very convenient mode of transportation, it’s not always the most ideal. Therefore, it’s important to take a note of the following points before you hire a taxi in Singapore:

The most important thing is to not assume that the Taxi driver knows everything. Unlike common myths, not every Maxi Cab taxi driver in Singapore knows every destination around the city. It’s important to be detailed in providing all the necessary information such as your address, your phone number, flight number, pickup address, and drop off location. The more information you provide to your ta xi driver, the easier it will be.

Because there are so many Maxi Cab taxi and transportation services, it’s important to shop around for the best deal. Taxi fares are different throughout the country. Some transportation companies charge by the hour while others charge a flat fee. Make sure to inquire about the gratuity. Some MaxiCab Services do not include the gratuity in their rates. Often times, people get the unpleasant surprise of an added 20% gratuity to the fare.

Be aware of taxi services that offer extremely cheap rates. Such companies do not care about service and could jeopardize your whole traveling plans. This is especially true if you are in need of airport transportation. You don’t want to miss your flight by waiting prolonged periods of time before your ta xi driver shows up. This is specially true for Singapore airport cabs.

For passengers who require a larger space for luggage, there are more options available. Make sure to inquire about the vehicle types that are available. Ask the Singapore Maxi cabs company about timely arrival. If you have an important business or personal appointment and you must be there on a certain schedule, you need to make sure that the taxi driver is aware well in advance. You don’t want to be stuck in traffic and miss your important meetings.

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Sydney Attractions: Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia

Sydney is a dreamy city of Australia and each year attracts thousands international tourists. Darling Harbour is one of the most visited destinations in Sydney because of modern technology entertainment center located waterside at the Sydney’s heart.

Darling Harbour Attractions

The destination of Darling Harbour and central business area of Sydney is too close; you can easily travel by car or ferries. You will get unique experience every corner of this city. This place is very interesting for food lovers where you can eat delicious traditional Australian foods, shop and entertaining.

Darling Harbour is the important cultural and entertainment hub of Sydney. Spend time on watching 3D movies at Imax theater. Want to learn Australian’s maritime cultures and history visit Australian National Maritime Museum and the Powerhouse Museum. Another most sightseeing is Sidney Art Gallery, here you can see wide variety of modern and ancient art collected every corner of Australia. For underwater experiencing Sydney aquarium is perfect choice to see and play with different wonderful marine life.

Australian National Maritime Museum

The Sydney Entertainment Center, a biggest entertainment center of Australia located in Darling harbour, a fantastic place for traditional cultural. Family entertainments and live sports show. Cruising in Catamarns harbor is ideal choice to enjoy great breakfast. Visit Star city to play casinos or share night moment in different nightclubs, bars, shopping malls and pubs. Cockle Bay Wharf is wonderful place to drink and eat delicious food.

Sydney Entertainment Center

During festive season you can see several festival celebrations in Darling Harbour like Australia day Darling harbour, Darling harbour jazz, blues festival, Darling harbour fiesta and hoopla festival Darling harbour are famous festivals, many inside and outside Australian tourists gathers here.

Sydney’s Darling Harbour is a fantastic fun destination, provides several fun activities both for adults, kids and elder explorers.

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