Most Common PTSD Symptoms

The PTSD symptoms vary and they can distinguish according to the patient`s status, age, gender and occupation, as well as according to the event that has caused the mental condition. However doctors have been using a general common PTSD symptoms checklist that lists everything that can be a result of the syndrome. Here are the most common of them:

  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Anger
  • Alcohol and drug addiction
  • Memory disturbance
  • Avoidance
  • Negative thinking
  • Self-destructive behavior

Besides the official diagnose by a New York doctor or mental specialist, a patient, who is in risk to have PTSD or who doubts about having it, might also determine his own condition. This is accessible with a PTSD symptoms test. PTSD symptoms test are anonymous, free of charge and accessible – even online. Anyone can go for a “self-diagnose” by answering few questions and listing his/her symptoms. Still, searching for a medical assistance and help straight from a professional is highly recommended and safer for both – the patient and his/her surrounding people.

The best way to find a good PTSD psychiatrist in New York is to use the internet. Simply type something like “PTSD psychiatrist near me” and you will have several psychiatrist to choose from.

Even though there are common PTSD symptoms that are listed in PTSD symptoms checklist, different categories of people give evidence of different PTSD symptoms. In general, medical experts demarcate them into the following 3 main groups.

PTSD symptoms in women

First of all, note that women are more predisposed to PTSD. They also have passive PTSD symptoms, but not active like men. Thus, a male is more possibly to develop anger and self-destructive behavior, while women tend to get depression and avoidance. Other typical PTSD symptoms in women are jumpy condition, trouble and negative feelings, as well as addiction to drugs and alcohol. However, there is still something common between the PTSD symptoms in women and PTSD symptoms in men – both can develop serious physical problems in case their mental condition is not treated and gets deeper.

PTSD symptoms in men

As we have already mentioned you among the PTSD symptoms in men, the anger and the negative behavior with other surrounding people are most common. On the other side, men are more predisposed to the most serious events that can actually cause PTSD – war, battles and etc. The aggressive demeanor is sometimes even accompanied with violence and rude language that can exceed into crimes or very inadequate behavior.

PTSD symptoms in children

Last, but not least, the PTSD symptoms in children are interesting to be analyzed, too, because they combine the symptoms of the previous two groups and meanwhile, they include some new additions, too. The PTSD symptoms in children are usually more observable at age under 12, because after that the kid is usually shut himself/herself up in. Still, the most general signs of PTSD in children are re-experiencing the trauma, emotional numbness, difficulties in sleeping, school activities and communication with coevals, as well as lack of concentration and aggression.

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What to Know About Derma Rollers Before Ordering

When choosing which Derma Roller to buy, it is important you consider the following areas so that you are able to choose the dermaroller that is right for you.

Derma Roller Needle Length

The basic rule when choosing needle lengths is, the fleshier the skin you are treating, the longer you can afford the needles to be. It is rare that any at home use requires a needle length above that of 1.5mm.

Generally, choose a Derma Roller at 0.5mm for use on the face, a 1.0mm for most of the body and a 1.5mm for very fleshy areas such as the stomach, thighs and backside.

Consider also that it is far easier to apply more pressure with a short needle than to have to roll lightly with a long one – so if in doubt, opt for the shorter needle.

Derma Roller Brands

Each brand is slightly different. Certain features make different Derma Roller brands suitable for different needs. Generally speaking, the more expensive brands benefit from superior build quality, narrower needles and a better overall look and feel. Please remember though, the results you achieve are not necessarily dependent on choosing the most expensive model. To achieve the best results, you can use the Mesotherapi Serum with derma rollers as well.

Sterilization of Derma Rollers

Some micro needles come pre-sterilized, whereas others need to undergo this process before first use. Bare in mind that all derma rollers should be cleaned and sterilized throughout their lifetime as part of a healthy maintenance program. It is a simple process, takes no more than a couple of minutes and does not involve any specialist products.

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Laser Therapy For Pain

Laser therapy is based on many factors but the most important of them is the healing. Since Laser therapy for pain is non-invasive and helps with the treatment of many different pain related conditions, it is being widely used by pain specialists around the world.

Laser therapy is also known as light therapy or laser light therapy. It has been proven to help with those who suffer from:

  • Fibromyalagia (Chronic pain and fatigue syndrome)
  • All forms of Arthritis including Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis
  • Back and neck pain
  • Elbow, Shoulder and Arm Pain
  • Knee and leg pain
  • Herniated or bulging discs
  • Sciatic Pain
  • Stenosis of the spine
  • Neuropathies due to Diabetes
  • Gout
  • Shingles

Laser therapy helps in the reduction of edema, inflammation and pain.

Laser therapy for pain works as a high power wavelength infrared laser in a single beam.

How Does it Feel on the Skin?

When the beam touches the skin, there is very little sensation felt. Some patients may feel some mild soothing warmth or even a small amount of tingling in the specific area.

The areas of inflammation and pain may feel sensitive for just a little while before the pain begins to subside.

As technology advances, the timeframe for Laser therapy will be reduced and the affects will be more noticeable.

Is It Safe?

Laser Therapy is 100% Approved By the FDA.

It is suggested that both the patient and the person performing the procedure wear goggles, in order to protect your eyes from retina damage and other eye disorders. This will only happen if there is direct exposure to the eyes.

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Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

In the not too distant past there was a stigma attached to people suffering from alcohol and/or drug addiction. Society cast them aside and labeled them as weak, without will power, lazy or just not wanting to face life on life’s terms. Though these characteristics sometimes closely resemble the characteristics of an alcoholic or a drug addict, their dilemma actually involves a series of brain chemistry disorders that was eventually recognized by the medical profession and most governments as a serious progressive illness.

A disease that is treatable, men and women suffering from addiction, with the help of alcohol and drug rehabs, now recover every single day from this seemingly hopeless state of mind and body.

The internet is a great place to research options for addiction treatment. If you’re looking for a drug rehab or an alcohol rehab in Los Angeles, make sure you carefully weigh each available option, and choose the drug rehab Los Angeles center that you’re going to be most comfortable with.

Alcohol and Drug Detox Centers

Some drug and alcohol detox centers provide strictly non-medical detox services. They don’t allow any detox medications to help minimize the withdrawal symptoms that people often experience during the detox process. This type of drug and alcohol detox is sometimes called “cold turkey withdrawal”.

Medically-managed alcohol and drug detox centers have their clients examined by an addiction medicine specialist that may or may not prescribe detox medications from a wide range of medications that are available to minimize the severe withdrawal symptoms that alcohol or drug detox sometimes produces.

Residential Alcohol Rehabs and Drug Rehabs

Residential alcohol and drug rehabs are programs where the clients live-in the facility for the duration of their primary treatment. There are both short-term (30-days or less) and long-term (more than 30-days) residential rehabs available. Some residential rehabs are gender specific and some co-ed, while others have both separate male and separate female treatment programs.

Residential rehabs can vary greatly in the services they offer. Some are very 12-step oriented, some offer a holistic approach, others offer services such as treatment for co-occurring disorder, but most residential alcohol and drug rehabs offer some combination of individual counseling sessions, group counseling sessions, relapse prevention, substance abuse education, lectures, family counseling and aftercare.

Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers

Outpatient alcohol and drug treatment centers usually offer the same rehab services that residential treatment centers offer, but the client goes home at night. Outpatient programs are sometimes called “day treatment centers”.

Sober Living Homes

Unlike detox centers, residential rehabs and outpatient treatment programs, sober living homes do not provide any treatment services in the home. Residents are usually required to work or attend school, pay an affordable rent and participate in an outpatient treatment center’s program or one of the many community support groups that are available.

Make An Informed Choice

Regardless of the types of alcohol rehabs or drug treatment centers that you contact for information, it is a good idea to ask them as many questions as you can think of regarding the treatment services that they provide. It is also wise to not only call, but possibly visit as many drug and alcohol treatment centers as you can.

Choosing one of the many types of alcohol and drug rehabs for yourself or a loved-one can be a life or death decision, so do the research and the footwork when finding ethical and reputable alcohol or drug treatment centers and don’t just settle for the first one that sounds good over the telephone. It may be the most important decision of your life!

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An Evolving Pandemic

The flu is not a new virus. In fact, its’ earliest recorded occurrences can be traced as far back as the 1300’s. Tons of vaccinations and inoculations have been made over the years to combat influenza and its many strains. So why have we not been able to eradicate the disease?

To put it simply, the flu is a continuously evolving virus. It constantly mutates into new forms, and so any immunities we develop or vaccines we invent will only be good until a novel strain develops. Unfortunately, this is what has happened with the newest and arguably most dangerous strain, the Corona virus.

Face Mask uiyutytr

However, there are still things we can do to try and protect ourselves and the ones we care about. Wear face masks, such as the N95 mask, wash your hands and face frequently and practice social distancing.

The Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1981

New strains of influenza are definitely something to worry about. Back in the year 1918, a unique strain developed that was dubbed the “Spanish Flu”, a name that was actually inaccurate, as the virus is now thought to have developed somewhere in the vicinity of Kansas. The virus went on to kill over 50 million people worldwide, despite the medical world’s most valiant efforts.

There have been about three noticeably large pandemics similar to the Spanish Influenza strain in the last 300 years. Corona is believed to be the fourth.

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Addiction Tips For Those In Need

Overcoming addiction can be one of the most challenging things you ever do, but you will be doing it for yourself. It is important to keep in mind a few key things that will play major roles in how your recovery comes along. One of the first things to keep in mind that is that you have all the power. You and you alone decide just how things are going to go.

Many people in Connecticut believe that addiction is something physical which is certainly not true. Ultimately you decide how you want to feel or act at any given moment. When you start to gain confidence in this fact, you will begin to realize just how much of an impact you have on your own health and well-being.

Finding something higher than yourself to believe in can be incredibly healing. Having faith that there is a greater power and order in the universe can do wonders for your outlook on things. When people view the world as random chaos without any balance, things can often get dark.

This is why you will want to consider everything religion has to offer. You need not believe in a “God” per se, but rather something that is higher than yourself. This will give you the kind of faith and spirituality that you have been searching for to help make the process of recovery easier on your mind and body.

Beating addiction is about changing your life. That can mean moving somewhere else, getting a new job, changing your diet, or anything else that will make you happy and make for a more enjoyable life all around. Figure out what isn’t working in your life right now and just change it.

Many people do not think it’s as easy as all that, but it really is, at least the decision part. The doing is sometimes more difficult, but making the initial decision to change and putting forth an effort is easy enough if you want it bad. Once you have gotten the ball rolling you will be able to change your life for the better long-term.

Getting the help you need for your addiction is something else to think about. This can mean seeing a therapist or entering into a support program where you discuss your feelings and problems with other people who have a similar addiction or if the addiction is severe there are detox Connecticut centers. All of these are viable options for those who want to get help and don’t know where else to turn.

Talking to another person or group of people who are completely unbiased and do not know you can be incredibly therapeutic. They won’t judge you and you will be able to unburden yourself by saying whatever is in your heart at the moment.

Part of the journey that is beating addiction is examining one’s own feelings. You will want to go deep down and analyze yourself, figuring out how to make certain changes that will lead to happiness. Sometimes this part of the process can be frightening and difficult, but it is necessary.

No matter what else you do for yourself to help with your addiction, you cannot avoid doing this. In the end you will need to be able to face yourself and confront your own feelings of guilt, shame, fear, or whatever else in order to transcend them and move forward.

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Mental Health and Psychotherapy

No one knows exactly what causes depression as there isn’t a single identifiable cause. What is known is that genetic, biological, environmental, and psychological factors can all play a role in triggering a mental health problem in some individuals.

Certainly there are some groups of people who appear to be more at risk than others and this includes the long term sick and disabled, the elderly, the homeless, people in lower socio-economic groups or who live in poor housing, those who are dependent on drugs and alcohol, and those who are in prison.

The thing is, just because you fit into one of these groups doesn’t mean you are likely to develop a mental health problem any more than it means that those who don’t won’t. Depression and other problems affecting mental health don’t discriminate against anyone. This of course means we cannot predict in advance with any certainty who will or who won’t develop a mental health problem in the future.

How is depression treated?

The most common way of treating depression is by administering anti-depressant medication or referral for some form of psychotherapy or even a combination of both. Given the fact that anti-depressant medication often carries unpleasant side effects, many people would prefer a non-drug approach to their treatment if it’s at all possible and in many cases it is. Indeed, psychotherapy is rapidly gaining recognition as a highly effective treatment for depression.

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy covers a whole range of psychological techniques used to treat depression and other mental health problems. For any form of psychotherapy to be effective, it is vital that the environment is conducive to open discussion and that there is a sense of trust between the therapist and the individual.

What happens during a psychotherapy session is that a trained therapist works with the individual, or sometimes a group, to try and understand what the underlying issues are that may be contributing to their mental health problems.

There are also many different approaches adopted by psychotherapists, however, an increasingly common approach recommended by doctors today is mindful counseling therapy. Mindful counseling therapy focuses on an individual’s behavior, beliefs, and ways of thinking.

It will often identify any negative thought or behavior patterns that are not helpful to the individual. By encouraging them to talk openly about how they feel and exploring possible reasons for why they think and behave in a certain way, it is often possible to find coping strategies and new ways of overcoming their difficulties.

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How To Live a Healthy Life

Starting a healthy lifestyle is more about structure and attitude than calories and exercise. Having a framework for success is essential for great athletes, musicians, inventors and business leaders. When building a house a strong foundation is essential. One needs a strong foundation that will weather the storms of life. Building a strong foundation will give someone a lifetime of success and for some, permanent fat loss.

The most important step to take is to establish accountability. Accountability is the number 1 secret for personal growth, accomplishments and change. Why is accountability so important? Accountability gives one encouragement, knowledge, evaluation, insight, structure, inspiration, a role model, and somebody that believes in them. Accountability holds you responsible to your goals as described in this article – Wellness Solutions.

What does accountability look like? Accountability can be a mentor, coach, a training partner, a team, a teacher, group, or a club. When in history has someone achieved great goals without support? Behind those achievements have been a husband or a wife, a coach, an associate, a team, family ,friends, a school, a town, and sometimes their country. You can’t conquer difficult tasks without support.

The next step is to establish goals. Your goals give you direction and purpose. People that write down their goals are 80% more likely to achieve them. Make a list of categories for your goals. That list could include nutrition, fitness, recreation, travel, body type, personal growth, finances, spiritual, vocational, relationships and more. Write down short and long term goals for these categories. Goals help you develop healthy habits in all areas of your life.

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Tips For Keeping Your Body STD-Free

Being sexually active is a huge responsibility. Not only do you have to take a proactive stance on protecting your own well-being, but you also have to make a concerted effort to protect the health of your partners. This means strategically minimizing your risk of contracting a sexually transmitted illness by avoiding high-risk behaviors, using protection, and regularly being tested. Following are six, quick and easy tips for keeping your body STD-free.

Know What High-Risk Behaviors Are And Avoid Them

Several forms of sexual behavior are considered to be high risk. Unfortunately, when it comes to determining which activities are high-risk and which are not, some actions are more easily classified than others.

Among some of the more obvious, high-risk choices are the decision to regularly have unprotected sex, sleeping with multiple partners, readily bedding unknown parties, and failing to use protection when engaging in oral sex, and not getting tested. There are at home STD test kits, so people can get tested at their own home.

Sexually transmitted infections can just as easily be passed from person to person via mouth to genital interactions as they can from genital to genital contact. Having unprotected anal sex, however, ranks among the highest risk behaviors that people can engage. In this is because the less elastic composition of the anus makes it more predisposed to developing rips and tears during intercourse. These risks are essentially vulnerable openings that can let fluid-borne viruses and bacteria in.

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Vegetarian Weight Loss Tips

Vegetarian weight loss is a tried and tested way to get rid of the excess fat, experience a drop in weight and to look fabulous and healthy. However, unlike other diets that prove to be “easy” and “effortless”, those who are abiding by the vegetarian diet will tell you that it is no walk in the park especially for those who are switching from a mainly “carnivorous” diet to a purely “herbivorous” one. That is why it is important for vegetarians, especially those who are still fairly new to it to know the vegetarian weight loss tips and products, such as vegan meats, that have worked for many other vegetarians in the past.

Vegetarian Weight Loss – 3 Helpful Tips To Consider

First, it is always advisable to prefer whole foods for the simple reason that it is healthier and the fact that it will help you feel full longer. You see, many new people who are trying vegetarian weight loss struggle because they feel hungry right away. True enough, vegetables and fruits do digest faster than meat which can stay in the stomach for days! If your body is still adjusting, you will experience some difficulties for sure in controlling your hunger pains. So yes it is difficult but it is not impossible to overcome if you know the little ways to go about it. Eating whole foods, especially those that are wheat based is always a good idea as it will take a while for your body to digest it so you can feel full for a longer period of time. Staying full or just feeling full will make you stay away from unwanted snacks and is one of the top secrets for Vegetarian Weight Loss Tips.

Another thing that you must learn as you go with your vegetarian weight loss routine is to try to buy organic food instead of the commercialized ones. While the fruits and vegetables in your local supermarket look so big, plump and juicy, you should know that chemicals have most probably been added to it for it to look as appealing as it does. You do not want those chemicals in your system so why don’t you travel a little further to that organic market? That way, you can rest well knowing that you are eating all natural and healthy meals.

Third, if you want to succeed in your vegetarian weight loss, it is not enough to just watch what you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You better take control of your snacking habits too. You may not realize it but at the end of the day, so many of our added calories come from snacks that seem so innocent while we are munching on it. You think that the cookie isn’t worth much? Guess what, it will give you an additional 150 calories that are empty in terms of nutritional value. This little snack meals are the ones that you must avoid, add them all up within the day and their calorie value count will rise through the roof, definitely something worth to check and keep in mind in your Vegetarian Weight Loss Tips checklist.

Vegetarian Weight Loss Conclusion

Last, if you want your vegetarian weight loss diet to succeed, it is not enough that you are eating better. Do not think that just because you are now vegetarian that you can just sit around all day. Get moving and exercise. That plus your healthy diet will do wonders for your body and is a great way to ensure the success of your vegetarian weight loss goals.

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