Bathroom Blinds Ideas

Vinyl is hard wearing, water resistant, easy to clean and in most cases vinyl blinds actually do look good. There are different choices of vinyl bathroom blinds. You can install vinyl venetian blinds, shutters, roller blinds and vertical blinds. My personal preference at the moment is vinyl bathroom venetian blinds. They look great, very clean and fresh. Blinds for bathroom or any humid areas, made from vinyl are easy to keep clean and they are also very easy to open and close. You can in fact have them partially opened but still limit visibility from outside simply by having the louvers pointing downwards. Light will enter the bathroom yet you will have all the privacy you need.

Aluminum is another popular choice for bathroom window blinds in Peterborough. Granted, aluminum does not rust however it can corrode. This is not usually a problem, however, unless the blinds are damaged in some way. For example, venetian blinds will sometimes bend if not treated gently and this can cause the blind to begin to corrode in that spot over time. Aluminum is also fairly easy to clean and take care of and it is lightweight which is another advantage with bathroom window treatments.

If you must have a wood look in your bathroom, you would probably be better off buying faux wood or composite wood blinds Peterborough for bathroom windows rather than actual wood blinds. Wood, even if treated, often does not do very well in humid situations. It tends to warp and bend and will soon become ruined in a bathroom setting. Faux wood blinds do much better although they are often fairly heavy and a little unwieldy especially if you only have a fairly small bathroom window to cover. Bamboo bathroom window blinds are another alternative if you want a wood choice for bathrooms. Bamboo stands up quite well to moisture however unless treated it will grow mold in time.

Roller blinds are a popular choice for bathrooms. Again, they are usually fairly easy to open and close. One drawback with bathroom roller blinds is that in order to provide total privacy they need to be fully closed which can then limit the amount of natural lighting coming into the bathroom. You also need to be careful in your choice of material, as plastics especially when rolled up tightly, as a blind is when it is opened up all the way, can become moist and slimy, which is not really that pleasant! They are cheap bathroom blinds, however which means that they can be replaced fairly easily without it costing a lot of money to do so.

Bathroom vertical blinds are a possibility, however you will need to choose fairly carefully as vertical blinds often have a space at the bottom which would allow room for people to see into the bathroom if they so desired!

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