Two Things To Worry About When Prototyping Your Invention

A prototype, although not required in order to receive a patent, is highly recommended before moving forward with a patent search. But before you start making a prototype of your invention you need to know some very important things.


Most often, you will begin prototyping your idea before you have a patent on file. Also, it will probably involve hiring someone who has access to the tools, material and equipment necessary to make a prototype of your invention. For this reason, you will want to make sure that you have a confidentiality agreement signed. Who should sign a confidentiality agreement? Anyone to whom you disclose your invention. And, you will want to make sure that you trust that they will keep your idea confidential. You can consult with InventHelp professionals about it and you can find more information about InventHelp here.

It is important to keep your idea confidential because failure to do so could constitute a public use of your invention. If you invention is publicly used before you have a patent on file, this would begin the ticking of the clock for a one year grace period. You have exactly one year from the earliest date of public use within which to file for a patent. Failure to do so will result in the loss of your right to a patent. That is why you want to make sure that any disclosure of your invention is done so only after a Confidentiality Agreement has been signed.

But, sometimes just having a confidentiality agreement is not enough to completely protect you, which brings me to Thing #2.

The Work for Hire Agreement

Under U.S. Patent law, a patent may be filed only in the name of the original inventor or inventors. And, all inventors have equal rights to the patent. When you hire someone to help build you a prototype, it is possible that they will come up with additional improvements to your invention. It would then be required that they be named as an inventor on your patent application.

For this reason, before you hire someone to help you, you need to have them sign what is called a *Work for Hire* or *Consultant Agreement*. In this agreement, the person that you hire, the consultant, will agree to assign all patent and intellectual property rights to you even if they become a named inventor. This allows you to maintain all rights to your patent.

This is important because if you do not have such an agreement, you could end up splitting your profits with this other person. Consult with InventHelp if you have any doubts.

Okay, I hope that you make sure that everyone that you speak to about your invention signs a Confidentiality Agreement, and that anyone you hire agrees to assign all intellectual property rights to you.

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Garage Door Spring Installation Dangers

A garage door spring is a very heavy duty spring that is designed to lift your garage door. Keep in mind that a garage door weighs between three hundred and three hundred and fifty pounds. Garage door springs have a life expectancy of five to ten years. Since they have to be replaced so frequently, you may be tempted to save a few dollars and install replacement springs yourself. Before you do, you should know about the dangers of garage door spring installation.

Garage Door Repair kijuhy

As mentioned earlier, a garage door spring is designed to lift a door which weighs approximately three hundred twenty five pounds. If one of these springs breaks it can cause significant harm to anyone in the area as well as to vehicles and other property stored in the garage.

When removing a worn garage door spring, the dangers are just as great as a spring breaking. The spring will become loose at some point in the process and if it slips from the tool you are using to remove it, can become a lethal projectile.

Likewise when installing the new spring, one slip will allow that new spring to also become a lethal projectile.

When replacing the garage door spring, the door must be retracted. If it is not retracted you are working against the force to lift the door and the normal tension that holds the door in place. When the spring is removed from its bracket, unless the door is supported in some other manner, the entire garage door is likely to roll down its track without the support of the spring. The significant weight of the door itself is enough to crush a human or cause major damage to your property. If there is glass in the garage door, the glass may shatter and be sent as flying projectiles throughout both the inside and outside of the garage.

As you can see, garage door spring installation is no job for an amateur. This is one job that is best left to a Indianapolis garage door company. A trained expert will not only have the proper tools and knowledge of these springs, as this is his job on a daily basis. They will be trained in the proper ways of installing garage door springs avoiding any harm to people or property.

If you are tempted to try this job on your own, you should at least call first for some bids to replace the spring. You may find that the cost of spring replacement is surprisingly inexpensive. Remember that even if you decide to replace the spring yourself, you will have to buy the spring or springs. You may also need to buy some special tools for installation that you will only use every five to ten years. These will add to your expense of the replacement costs.

Because of the garage door installation dangers, you should be sure that the contractor you select to replace your garage door is insured. If he is properly insured and any damage does occur, either to your property or the contractor or his property, you will not be responsible for replacement or health care costs.

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An Evolving Pandemic

The flu is not a new virus. In fact, its’ earliest recorded occurrences can be traced as far back as the 1300’s. Tons of vaccinations and inoculations have been made over the years to combat influenza and its many strains. So why have we not been able to eradicate the disease?

To put it simply, the flu is a continuously evolving virus. It constantly mutates into new forms, and so any immunities we develop or vaccines we invent will only be good until a novel strain develops. Unfortunately, this is what has happened with the newest and arguably most dangerous strain, the Corona virus.

Face Mask uiyutytr

However, there are still things we can do to try and protect ourselves and the ones we care about. Wear face masks, such as the N95 mask, wash your hands and face frequently and practice social distancing.

The Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1981

New strains of influenza are definitely something to worry about. Back in the year 1918, a unique strain developed that was dubbed the “Spanish Flu”, a name that was actually inaccurate, as the virus is now thought to have developed somewhere in the vicinity of Kansas. The virus went on to kill over 50 million people worldwide, despite the medical world’s most valiant efforts.

There have been about three noticeably large pandemics similar to the Spanish Influenza strain in the last 300 years. Corona is believed to be the fourth.

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Patent Agency

Going through the patent application process is very complicated and in some cases can be extremely lengthy, it’s not uncommon to have the process be several years or more from start to finish. Most people do not have the time or knowledge of the process to keep track of everything during this time.

The first thing to keep in mind when searching for a patent agency to help patent your idea is that not all patent companies will be competent in the same things. For example, knowing how to get a patent for a computer software invention is completely different from knowing how to get a patent for a chemistry invention.

Just as any professional would not have extensive knowledge of something unrelated to their expertise, patent agencies are the same. Very often a patent agency will turn down client’s that are in fields that they have little experience with. This is entirely in your benefit and something to understand when finding a patent company.

Probably the most common concern for someone finding a good patent agency is if that person can be trusted with such sensitive information. Like any other agency, a good patent agency such as InventHelp will have confidentiality measures and contracts in place to protect your information.

Finding a Patent Lawyer or an Agency

Of course there will likely be a few bad apples, but that is why you should use caution when finding a patent agency. In order to be a qualified patent attorney you have to have at least an undergraduate degree in the field of patents you want to work, then pass the US patent bar exam, then graduate law school and pass the state bar exam. As long as you check for these qualifications when finding a patent agency, you will be just fine.

When you patent your idea, it is imperative that you find a patent agency such as Invent Help who has not only the qualifications but also the experience. All that schooling will not tell a patent attorney how to write a good patent application. Always be sure to ask for a sample of a patent lawyer’s work. You should also ask all the potentials to become your patent attorney for a sample of their fee agreement, client letter, and other client correspondence.

When you are working on finding a patent lawyer, all of this information is vital to your decision. If something in the patent lawyer’s paperwork doesn’t make sense, or seems unprofessional, this could be a cause for concern and need clarification.

When you have all the information on the patent attorneys then you need to decide which of this information is most important to you. Your interviews and decision should be based on this list of priorities. Finding a patent lawyer is not difficult, you just need to know what you want in a patent lawyer.

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Contact the Experts to Help You Obtain a Patent

Have you come out with a product which you want to be patented? Surely, you would not be able to get that done on your own and would need help from the lawyers. But, for getting patents, you cannot approach just about any lawyer. You should only approach an attorney, who has a specialized qualification and would be able to represent his clients and get them the patents. So, how does one search for these special attorneys?

Reliable patent attorney know all the procedures related to the patent laws and can act in all the matters accordingly. The patent attorney represents corporates as well as individuals and helps them in safeguarding their intellectual properties and copyrights.

You would be able to get all these services when you approach the Patent Attorney or a Patent Agency such as InvevntHelp.

Patent Drafting: This is a complicated process and requires preparation of complex documents, which will be quite difficult for a common man. From patent attorney, you will get help in understanding, analyzing, interpreting and drafting of patent applications.

Patent Illustrations: With the help of software tools, they would be able to illustrate the patent drawings as well along with the application. These drawings can include photographs, mechanical drawings, flow charts etc.

Patent Filing: Once the drafting work is completed, the next task is to file. In this stage, all the communications would be done with the patent office till the time the patent is granted.

So with the support from InventHelp, the patent application would be filed, a response to the official action would be prepared and other services related to pre-grant and post-grant opposition would be rendered. Other than that, amendments would be strategized suitably so that maximum impact is made.

Addiction Tips For Those In Need

Overcoming addiction can be one of the most challenging things you ever do, but you will be doing it for yourself. It is important to keep in mind a few key things that will play major roles in how your recovery comes along. One of the first things to keep in mind that is that you have all the power. You and you alone decide just how things are going to go.

Many people in Connecticut believe that addiction is something physical which is certainly not true. Ultimately you decide how you want to feel or act at any given moment. When you start to gain confidence in this fact, you will begin to realize just how much of an impact you have on your own health and well-being.

Finding something higher than yourself to believe in can be incredibly healing. Having faith that there is a greater power and order in the universe can do wonders for your outlook on things. When people view the world as random chaos without any balance, things can often get dark.

This is why you will want to consider everything religion has to offer. You need not believe in a “God” per se, but rather something that is higher than yourself. This will give you the kind of faith and spirituality that you have been searching for to help make the process of recovery easier on your mind and body.

Beating addiction is about changing your life. That can mean moving somewhere else, getting a new job, changing your diet, or anything else that will make you happy and make for a more enjoyable life all around. Figure out what isn’t working in your life right now and just change it.

Many people do not think it’s as easy as all that, but it really is, at least the decision part. The doing is sometimes more difficult, but making the initial decision to change and putting forth an effort is easy enough if you want it bad. Once you have gotten the ball rolling you will be able to change your life for the better long-term.

Getting the help you need for your addiction is something else to think about. This can mean seeing a therapist or entering into a support program where you discuss your feelings and problems with other people who have a similar addiction or if the addiction is severe there are detox Connecticut centers. All of these are viable options for those who want to get help and don’t know where else to turn.

Talking to another person or group of people who are completely unbiased and do not know you can be incredibly therapeutic. They won’t judge you and you will be able to unburden yourself by saying whatever is in your heart at the moment.

Part of the journey that is beating addiction is examining one’s own feelings. You will want to go deep down and analyze yourself, figuring out how to make certain changes that will lead to happiness. Sometimes this part of the process can be frightening and difficult, but it is necessary.

No matter what else you do for yourself to help with your addiction, you cannot avoid doing this. In the end you will need to be able to face yourself and confront your own feelings of guilt, shame, fear, or whatever else in order to transcend them and move forward.

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