Choosing Your Workout Apparel

Searching for the right outfit to wear during a workout can seem daunting and often depends on the type of exercise you’ll be doing so it’s best to be aware of the best pieces for each type of workout regimen. Most women opt for something form fitting yet comfortable during workouts but preference will vary from person to person. One thing that most everyone can agree on though is that whatever workout attire you choose, it should most definitely be something you can move around easily in and is breathable i.e. not jeans.


The most popular and albeit, most practical piece of clothing to wear during a yoga workout is going to be yoga pants (the name pretty much gives it away). Yoga leggings are a type of flexible, form fitting pants designed specifically for activities that involve a great deal of movement, and yoga most definitely fits into that category. Yoga leggings are generally made of cotton but can also be made out of a light, stretchy synthetic material. They tend to be tight fitting throughout the waist, buttocks, and thigh area and usually flair a bit from the knee or calf down (note: if your yoga pants aren’t tight in the waste area then you probably need to go a size smaller). Good quality Yoga leggings, such as WITH Leggings, should fit snugly in order to prevent having to reposition them or pull them up during stretching or during your workout.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to try on a pair of yoga leggings yet then let me also prepare you for what they’re most known for according to males, making the butt look utterly fantastic.

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