Do Teaching Assistants Need a Qualification?

Can you work as a classroom assistant without taking an exam?

Yes! To become a teaching assistant it is better to have a teaching assistant qualification. Currently there is no set qualification in the UK for this role, however, all UK education authorities recognize that teaching assistants must be trained and educated to match their level of responsibility.

To train as a teaching assistant, you have the choice of work based and work related qualifications. Work based teaching qualifications must accompany time in the classroom and you are likely to have a teaching mentor to help you through your studies. The NVQ levels are work based courses as is the BTEC.

Work related teaching assistant courses include teaching assistant certificates, teaching assistant diplomas and other courses which will only offer you theory based coursework. It is recommended that you accompany these courses will practical time spent in the classroom.

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To understand more about teaching assistant qualifications and what is required for a teaching assistant role in your area, check out the job postings for your local school district. It may be that some schools will take you based on your extensive experience working with children, however, to gain competitive edge within the field, taking a teaching assistant course is recommended.

You will be able to choose a course that suits your lifestyle. If you need to work or care for children, many online providers offer distance learning that includes Teaching Assistant NVQs, diplomas and certificates and with these you may set your own pace of study and work from home.

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