Using a Realtor

Many people decide to use a realtor when they make the decision to sell their homes. There are benefits to using a realtor that you do not have if you decide to sell it on your own. The major down side when using a realtor is that you will have to share a commission from the sale of your house with the real estate agent handling your sale.

Saving You Time

A real estate agent can save you literally hours in time that you would spend on trying to sell your home. They handle things like advertising your home, setting up appointments to show the home and handling phone calls of interest. If you work or simply to do not have the time to handle issues relating to the sale of your home then a real estate agent would be a good investment for you.

Saving You Money

Although you are going to give the real estate agent a commission from the sale of your home it might be worth it. Most agents receive 5% or more commission. But they handle all the paperwork and drudge work involved in selling your home.

When you use a qualified agent you will not have buyers showing up to tour the house at nine o’clock at night. You will avoid those buyers who will try to drive your price down based on the argument that you are not paying an agent so you should be able absorb the loss.

Real estate agents also have the latest up to date knowledge on what the market will bear and the current status of financial institutions. Using a realtor could save you money in the long run even with their commission as explained in article.

Help for Sellers

Real estate agents also know where you can find inspectors, bankers and other necessary people to finalize your sale. Since they have access to credit reports and the like they can sort through buyers for you. You will not need to spend time figuring out if the person interested can really pay.

Realtors can help with final inspections and repairs of your home. They can even offer suggestions on small things that will add to the value of your home improving your chances for a good sale.