Waterprofing Products

Water proofing products are made by a material which is impervious to water. There are different waterproofing products available for different kind of structures depending on the object which is to be prevented. Waterproofing products are available for bridges and highways, balconies and planters, fountains and pools, parking garages, concrete tanks, plaza deck and malls, basements and even for reservoirs and dams.

There are various types of waterproofing products available in the market. Epoxy which is a polymer is often used in combination with other consistencies to manufacture a water proofing product. Xypex is another type of water proofing product. It is manufactured by combining dry powdered Portland cement, finely treated silica, water and various proprietary chemicals. This results in the formation of insoluble crystalline structure which is impermeable to water and hence the concrete is sealed to any further penetration of water. Sometimes for a greater degree of protection two coating of epoxy or Xypex are applied.

Most waterproofing products are resistant tocorrosions, acids, solvents, caustics, hydro carbons, salt water etc. There are various companies that offer a range of water proofing products. Their prices vary according to the type and quantity of substances used and most importantly the type of surface which is to be coated.

Hycrete Solutions is one of the trusted names in the market of water proofing products. They use hydrophobic concrete which significantly reduces absorption. They offer full service water proofing of concrete substances with warranty. Their products are cost effective. They design your waterproofing product for your structures in a way that the need for maintenance or replacement is reduced. They design your product in a short span of time with simplicity. They use protective layers to reduce permeability so that it becomes long lasting and durable.

There is a special need for using waterproofing products for the basement’s walls and floors. The foundation is your home’s most important element, and when it’s in disrepair it can cause costly damages to your property. The basement is a place where you find washing machines, hot water heaters, gas lines, and septic systems and all of these costs you hundred dollars. A proper coat is required to prevent flooding and leakage. The best way to avoid a wet basement Toronto and to waterproof a basement is by installing an exterior basement waterproofing system that moves excess water away from outside masonry bricks.

The best way to protect your house is to hire a reliable company that offers a range of water proofing products. It is preferable to choose a company which offers free repairs and even free testing services at the time of installation.

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