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We spend roughly one third of our lives in bed, so why not reward ourselves with satin bed sheets? Satin bed sheets are extremely comfortable due to the manor in which the fibers are weaved together. The most common material used in satin is silk, but other materials such as polyester and nylon are sometimes used. Due to the materials and additional labor that goes into creating satin, satin bed sheets tend to be a little bit more expensive then other types of sheets.

Satin bed sheets often appear to give off a high amount of luster, causing them to shine. This is due to the manor in which they are woven. Satin is created by weavers leaving a large number of floats in the fabric. A float is when the weaver leaves a missed interlacing, meaning that one of the lines of material is left on top of the other. There are a number of different types of satin weaves, such as check and granite weaves.

One benefit of satin bed sheets is the fact that they are antibacterial bed sheets and tend to remain fairly cool even in warm environments. This can be very beneficial for people that often get hot during the night. There are a variety of different weaves, some warmer than others, so you are able to choose the kind that is the appropriate temperature for your body. In addition, satin is quite good at getting moisture off of a persons skin, so it can help keep you dry if you tend to sweat while you sleep.

Satin bed sheets now come in a wide variety of different colors and styles. In the past, there were typically three main colors, white, red, and black. However, nowadays you can find a set of satin bed sheets in just about any color imaginable. This can be very helpful when trying to match your sheets to the d├ęcor in the rest of the room.

Depending on the thread count, satin bed sheets vary greatly in their cost. You can find a lower thread count set for fairly cheap. However, higher thread counts can cost several hundred dollars. You should check out a few samples to see which thread count is the most comfortable for you.

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