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Moviestarplanet game

The game was established 11 January 2011. Creates a form that is MovieStar your little boy or girl . Selected the color and shape of eyes, nose and mouth type . We contribute to the hairstyle, clothes and accessories and shoes. Selects the user name or login name and password , and thus have access to this form.

At the beginning of the game gets to 200 StarCoins or virtual money . When given an e -mail will get an additional 300 StarCoins . When you go into the game the next day, unpack the free gift in the form of sofas, because the game has the function of furniture 4 rooms: living room, garden , kitchen and double events . To be completed missions , through which better meets the game and wins another Levels . I ‘m at level 8 I really like this game because you can play it with colleagues .

As you can see a movie star can be each of us just play the game MovieStarPlanet that really on the history becomes more and more popular . Perhaps at the beginning of the game may not seem that difficult, but with time we’re taking it more and more practice. MovieStarPlanet is a great game for the long evenings , which can really take us quite a long time. Definitely a great merit of the plot and beautiful graphics. A play this game you need to have access to the internet , of course , because the game requires the entire duration of the call . On the internet you can also find many guides so that playing MovieStarPlanet able to so much easier.

Of course, in the game are the most important MovieStarPlanet starcoins , without which a hard thing to achieve in this game . Starcoins course, we can buy , but there are other good methods for extracting them . One such method is the application of MovieStarPlanet VIP tool in version 5.0 . Anyone who has benefited from the application knows what it is to facilitate unusual in that game. If you too would like to test MovieStarPlanet VIP tool , there is nothing stopping you. The application has been designed so that each of you could have it without any problems to use. If you want to test it so you’re welcome to do it .